Sage Extract

Sage originates from the countries in the Balkans and around the Mediterranean Sea. One finds Sage everywhere in Southern Europe, to a height of 800 meters and in the gardens it is often seen. Sage is now cultivated everywhere, and is rare in the wild.
Sage is a robust half bush that becomes 30 to 100 centimetres in height. The plant grows in closed bundles of subdivided, hairy stems. Sage is also a beautiful fragrant bush, popular for bees and often underrated as a flowering garden plant.
Extracts from Sage are widely used in the cosmetics industries, being marketed as variously having antiseptic, healing, astringent, antiperspirant.

Latin name of the plant: Salvia officinalis
Plant material: Leaves
Solubility: Can be produced in both oil-soluble or water-soluble form
Cosmetic Applications: For use in every cosmetic formulations