Natural Red Color /OS

Alkanna tinctoria is a plant in the borage family whose roots are used as a red dye. The plant is also known as orchanet, Spanish bugloss or Languedoc bugloss. It is native in the Mediterranean region.
Alkanna tinctoria has a bright blue flower and dark red root of blackish. The root produces a fine red colouring material which has been used as a dye in the Mediterranean region since antiquity. It is used to give colour to wines and alcoholic tinctures, to vegetable oils, varnishes, lipstick and rouges.

INCI Name: Glycine soja oil; Alkanna tinctoria extract; Tocopheryl acetate
Cosmetic Applications:  Massage & body oils, face care cream & lotions, hair care products etc.
Appearance: Clear dark red liquid
Solubility: Soluble in all relevant cosmetic oils