Exfoliating Pink Sand from Tikehau
Exfoliating Pink Sand from Tikehau

The Polynesian islands were formed several million years ago, thanks to the emergence of volcanoes. This geological phenomenon has created a chain of islands following each other. As soon as the volcanic activity end, the coral starts its process of colonization along the coast, attracted by environmental conditions favorable for its development: hot water full of trace elements of any kind (magnesium, potassium, sulfur, silicon, etc.). The coral will grow to surround the island and form a natural barrier.
The natural process of erosion due to the movements of the ocean makes the coral crumbled in the seabed. Following these events, small particles of limestone are stranding on the shores of the island, forming heavenly beaches.
Tikehau means «going to seek peace.» According to Polynesian legend, Tikehau is the fruit of the love between a man «Tii» and a young woman «Hau», who named their son «Tiehau» symbol of their union, and then changed in Tikehau.
Tikehau, an atoll-shaped crown also known as the Pink Sand Island is one of the richest Tuamotu atolls, in northern Tahiti. The pink coral sand beaches, which glints are accentuated by the sunlight, stretch out of sight and skirt a lagoon containing an abundant aquatic life, making it a unique, exceptional and popular diving spot.

INCI Name: Calcium carbonate
CTFA Name: Calcium carbonate

Recommended used:
Grade 1: Body and face 1.0-5.0%
Face and body spa and well-being products
Face and body exfoliating emulsions, gels, soaps

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