OleoSoft-4 has been developed applying our enzymatic activation technology to a mix of almond oil, olive oil, linseed oil and borage oil, chosen for their content in different classes of highly nourishing fatty acids. Oleosoft-4 is able to moisturize the skin being much more quickly absorbed compared with the mix of untreated oils and it leaves the skin far less greasy with an amazing silicone like touch. Oleosoft-4 can deeply nourish the skin affected by stretch marks, improving the elasticity and smoothness of the skin while reducing the redness
Oleosoft-4 is able to improve hair elasticity, increasing the tensile strength.                                                                   Boosts mitochondrial activity  (in vitro tests)                Anti-stretch mark effect  (+34.4% in vivo test)       Increases skin elasticity   (+45.6% in vivo test)      Improves skin moisturisation  (+24.9% in vivo test)  Higher antioxidant capacity   (+114% in vitro tests) Increases hair elasticity  (+53.0% ex vivo test)          Quicker absorption  (in vivo test)                                Reduced greasiness (in vivo test)                                  Silicone like sensorial performances                                INCI Name: almond/borage/linseed/olive acids/glycerides.                                                              Origin: olive oil, almond oil, linseed oil, borage seed oil. Cosmetic Applications: general skin and hair care products                                                                       Suggested Usage: 3-5% w/w skin care, 1% w/w hair care.                                                                              ORGANIC STATUS: COSMOS approved.

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