Balanced Microbiota in Ageless Skin

SEBOCLEAR™-MP is a multifunctional and natural active ingredient from the leaves of Maclura cochinchinensis. SEBOCLEAR™-MP helps escape the vicious cycle of blemished skin: it optimizes the skin microbiota by selectively inhibiting the acne bacteria P. acnes and shuts down infammation by suppressing the skin‘s key infammation enzymes, COX - 1, COX - 2 and 5 - LOX.

Regulates the skin microbiota (in-vitro study)
Directly inhibits steroid 5α-reductase (in-vitro study)
Reprograms sebocytes (in-vitro study)
Shuts down infammation (in-vitro study)
Has retinoic acid like activity (in-vitro study)
Regulates the skin microbiome (in-vivo study)
Reduces axillar malodour (in-vivo study)
Reduces signs of acne (in-vivo study)
Provides even, youthful-looking skin (in-vivo study)

INCI Name: Propanediol, Biofavononids
Preservation: Free of preservatives
Orgin: Plant, biotechnological
Application: Acne, Anti-Microbial, Deodorising, Foot Care, Sebum Control                                                             
Use Level : 1 – 3 %


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