Grape skins protect grape fruits from UV overexposure, pathogen aggression, environmental pollution, and bad weather conditions.  The secret of this protection of the grape skin is due to thousands of molecules sythesized and accumulated in the fruit skin. Bioliquefaction technology allows us to harvest and use these complex defensive molecules.

UVIOX® inhibits collagenase, enhances microcirculation as well as protection against UV radiation with its ant-inflammatory effect. UVIOX® is water soluble and does not have solvents. Due to its phenolic content, it has high anti-oxidant activity. UVIOX® maintains skin moisture, protects against dermal aging and skin tone. It protects the skin from photo-aging due to UV damage and constant exposure to sun exposure. UVIOX® biphenols help to improve skin microciculation by preventing liquid stagnation. Su bazlıdır, çözücü içermez.

INCI Name: Hydrolyzed grape skin, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.
CTFA name: Hydrolyzed Grape Skin
Cosmetic applications: Can be used on every skin care cosmetic formulations. It is ideal and effective to use in anti-radical, regenerative and protective products for young and aged skins as well as for facial skin, body and décolleté products
Suggested Used: 1-3% w/w.
Organic Cosmetic: COSMOS Approved

Raw material certified by ICEA

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