SeaBalance 2000

SeaBalance 2000

SeaBalance 2000 is a seaweed-based emulsifier blend for oil in water (O/W) cosmetic applications. This is the first of its kind, upcycling Sargassum into a biopolymer with emulsifying properties. SeaBalance 2000 is a natural emulsifier which provides a smooth & silky skin feel. This innovative ingredient won 2022 Best Functional Ingredient award at In-Cosmetics® Korea & 2023 Bronze Green Ingredient award at In-Cosmetics Global.

INCI Name: Sargassum Fluitans/Natans Extract, Xanthan Gum, Pentylene Glycol

  • Origin: Seaweed
  • Physical Aspect: Pale green paste
  • Smell: Characteristic seaweed smell that dissipates at pH below 8
  • HLB value: Not applicable
  • Classification: Anionic
  • Solubility: Water dispersible
  • Recommended Use Level: 2-6%

Product Benefits

  • Excellent O/W emulsion stability
  • Works well in cold and hot process
  • Smooth & silky skin feel
  • Emulsifies various types of oils
  • Very good electrolytes tolerance (NaCl & CaCl2)
  • Stable over a wide range of pH (3.5 to 9.0)

Recommended Applications: Skin care, Sun care, Hair care, Color cosmetics


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